Bullying Academy


Good Afternoon. I am an assistant principal at an elementary school in Palatka Florida. We have used your anti-bullying computer academy for our 4th and 5th grade students. It was very effective in educating our older students.

Kim Baggs
(Palatka Florida)

Since our students live in a digital age, it is fantastic to have resources such as these. It is so wonderful that there are organizations that offer these online resources for schools to educate students about the dangers of bullying.

Mrs. Andrews
(North Carolina)

Bullying in schools has been on the rise, and I want to instill in our children acceptance, tolerance, caring hearts and the ability to stand up to do the right thing. Technology is a powerful tool - and can be either used in a destructive manner or can be a tool to create and spread positive, constructive ideas and information. By participating in the Bully Academy, students will be given the tools to put an end to bullying and cyberbullying - and know what to do if they become a victim. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generous donation and for believing that this is an important part of our children's curriculum.

Mrs. Herren

Last year our 6th, 7th and 8th graders also had the opportunity to participate in the program. Our students were engaged in the learning process and eager to go back into the program. Anyone who has experience with middle school students, knows that they are often hard to keep engaged and they do not hold back telling you their opinion about something. I was amazed at how many positive comments I heard about the program. We are thrilled to participate in Bullying Academy again and I look forward to having our students learn about staying safe on the Internet.

Our students read the articles, watched the videos and reviewed the information discussed by completing the Scavenger Hunt and the post test. Students were eager to read and watch the videos. We also created posters using the information learned on Bullying Academy. Bullying Academy also gave students the opportunity to ask questions and have discussions in a safe environment. Bullying online has become a major issue and being able to discuss the issues in an environment where students are getting the facts has been very beneficial to our students.

Mrs. Rodrigues
(Rhode Island)

Bullying is a huge challenge in the South Bronx. There is a code of silence in the community that makes it difficult to effectively intervene. Students don't want to be accused of "snitching" and as a result many students suffer in silence. If we don't know that something is happening it is difficult to prevent it from escalating.

These materials could literally save the lives of children. We have students who have contemplated suicide and never told anyone that they were being persecuted until it was almost too late! You will help us empower students to confront bullying in a non-threatening manner.

Yay for the Bullying Academy! It is awesome that you exist and are providing critical and necessary materials to educate our students on the importance of reporting bullying situations. We struggle with this in the South Bronx and are so delighted to have your support to tackle these issues head on!

Ms. Amengual
(New York)

I think it is a great, fun way to teach students about bullying and its' impact. I am sure that my students will be motivated by the competition as well! I am looking forward to using this resource with my students again this year, since bullying is such an important issue. We need to do everything we can to make students aware of it and prevent it!

My fourth graders have started using Bullying Academy this week and are doing very well with it. They got really excited about the Scavenger Hunt. They are really engaged by the material and affected by it. One student even cried while watching one of the videos. I explained that yes, it is sad, and that's why we want to make sure we don't become bullies or watch anyone else be bullied.

I believe that this program is really going to teach my students a great deal and impact their behavior and attitude about bullying.

- Ms. Blaszczynski

We are constantly seeking new and innovative ways for students to become active participants in their learning, and The Bullying Academy fits the bill precisely. Along with teachers, The Bullying Academy will become a co-facilitator in the delivery of the very important message of anti-bullying, giving each student ownership of his or her knowledge and understanding. The added incentive of winning a contest and having others acknowledge the students for their hard work and dedication to completing a task is an added motivation that our students need from time to time. I cannot wait to introduce the program to our students and have them begin on their scavenger hunts.

Beginning during our Week of Respect in October, students were introduced to the website and registered. They then used the website during their class through December when they completed their post-quizzes just before winter recess. A new group of students has just begun Reading Technology for the 3rd and 4th marking periods, so they will now be able to experience the Bullying Academy. I'm sure that this group will be as excited to check the leader boards and see how their knowledge stacks up against other students from around the country!

The staff is thankful as this program met an integral piece of our Anti-Bullying Initiative, while allowing students to be active participants in their learning. Having the students navigate their learning and have the material presented to them in a new and interesting way definitely made the experience enjoyable for all of the students involved.

Ms. Perez
(New Jersey)

They have learned ways to not bully and to keep themselves safe if being bullied. Our students are more equipped to deal with bullying when it happens and are able to help one another out when they see bullying at our school site. We have seen more students report bullying acts to our teachers, staff and administrators after engaging in the bully academy. Our school is grateful for your kind act. Our goal is to reach and educate as many students as we can about bully prevention and intervention. Without your help, we would not have been able to reach as many students as we can. We are indebted to you for help and generosity.

Ms. Thai

I really appreciated being able to use this program to teach my students the importance of anti-bullying. I liked that is was all "online." I had my students work with partners to complete the scavenger hunts. They really enjoyed that.

Overall, the entire program was easy to use and helpful in teaching valuable life lessons. Thank you for putting this program together and I look forward to participating next year.

Wendy W. DuVal
Technology Instructor

Ashby Lee Elementary School
Quicksburg, VA 22847

Each and every day the students in my school make decisions using technology that greatly influences their future. One of the responsibilities that I have as an educator is to be sure that they have a deeper understanding of the positive ways that they can be a smart digital citizen.

One of the tools in my "toolbox" that I use to help kids learn about safety is a website called the Bullying Academy. The Bullying Academy website give the students a glimpse of important topics that they will encounter as they use technology. The students enjoy learning as they cruise the website's videos and interactive programs. The Bullying Academy program has a good deal of helpful information. I would encourage you to branch out into many different areas of keeping kids safe while using technology of all types. Using the Bullying Academy is easy and requires little teacher preparation.

Amy Gerard
Lincoln Junior Middle School
Plymouth, Indiana

As a Guidance Counselor I am always looking for engaging activities that are educational and fun. The Bullying Academy was a great tool because of the following...

  • Pre and post test was helpful and students enjoyed very much
  • Worksheets for Scavenger Hunt were easy to follow and helped students organize their notes
  • Videos were age appropriate, every grade had different videos.
  • Certificate was a great idea to give to students who participated

Overall our experience was educational and entertaining, the best way for students to learn.

Jisell Sanchez
Guidance Counselor

Family Life Academy Charter School
Bronx, New York, 10452