Bullying Academy


The Bullying Academy is a program designed to help students recognize dangers associated with bullying and cyberbullying. The program addresses topics such as how to identify a bullying situation, how to react and prevent such behavior, and what consequences are involved. The students will take web-based quizzes and review specific web sites and videos. These resources are aimed at demonstrating that bullying, whether physical, verbal, or electronic, can be as harmful for those that bully as it is for those who are targeted. A lesson plan and supplemental activities are provided to assist educators in successfully instructing students. Educators are encouraged to review the topics covered in greater detail by going through each "Scavenger Hunt" prior to facilitating the lessons.

Contest Schedule

2012-2013 Contest Schedule
  4th-8th Grade
1st Contest Sept. 1st Dec. 31st
2nd Contest Jan. 1st May. 31st
  • Each grade has its own national competition
  • Winning schools are based on their team score,
    which is the sum of the top 20 scores per grade
  • Winning schools receive the following prizes
    • Bullying Academy National Trophy
    • Bullying Academy National Champion badge for school website
    • Certificates for top 5 scoring students
    • School coordinator receives a personalized certificate
    • Schools may also receive media exposure when possible